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Accelerating Building Decarbonization on the Supply- and Demand- Side

Woltair is a leader in decarbonizing building energy and heating, democratizing access to clean energy solutions for homeowners, and providing workforce management capabilities to installation technicians. With an early focus on cultivating a strong culture, Woltair’s impact and financial success have scaled hand-in-hand. Looking ahead, Woltair also hopes to support the next generation of the clean energy workforce.
  • Decarbonizing households: With a strong focus on decarbonization of heat, Woltair is simplifying the historically complex process of household heat pump adoption. By helping demystify the installation and maintenance of clean energy solutions, Woltair is unlocking the carbon abatement potential of households for decades to come.
  • Supporting technician productivity: Woltair’s platform enables technicians to streamline their administrative processes, customer acquisition, and equipment sourcing. By leveraging Woltair’s software platform to eliminate time-consuming operational pressures, technicians can triple their productivity and complete an average of 12 jobs each month.

Training for the Clean Energy Transition

A core pillar of the clean energy transition is the upskilling of the energy labor workforce. With a keen understanding of the need for more skilled technicians, the team has created “Woltair cademy” – a training center where technicians can meet in small in-person groups, participate in workshops, and enhance their skill sets. Woltair is intentional about fostering community among the technicians using its platform. Their goal is not only to help expand technicians’ skill sets, but also to support them in building strong relationships within the installation community.

The Woltair team considers this investment essential not only for the company, but for the clean energy transition as a whole. By investing in the workforce development of this sector, Woltair is simultaneously ensuring long-term job security for technicians by equipping them with skills necessary to operate in a low-carbon economy and helping more families access the benefits of energy efficiency. Further, Woltair’s focus on heating means it has the potential for higher impact in terms of carbon abatement and upskilling the workforce, given the fact that heat pump integration is fundamentally more complex than other clean energy technologies.

The Role of ESG and Culture in a Scaling Company

Woltair has prioritized ESG from the start, understanding the importance of making decisions that optimize for the long-term viability and scalability of the company. Since the beginning, building a strong culture and defining values has united the team around a shared, purpose- driven strategy. In every decision making process, leadership considers their formal policies and procedures and their impact on the well-being of their employees, customers, and company culture.

This process is supported by Woltair’s diverse board, intentionally structured with members of different backgrounds, geographies, and areas of expertise. Their focus on diversity of thought and background has allowed Woltair to achieve tremendous revenue growth each year since the company’s inception, while maintaining the culture and values alignment that the company was built on.