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WeaveGrid Leads Through Culture And Values

WeaveGrid solves one of the most critical emerging electrification challenges — connecting a growing wave of electric vehicles to a grid that was not designed to support the high power needs of widespread charging. The company’s software helps EV drivers save money, and significantly simplifies the charging experience to expand access to electric mobility. At the same time, WeaveGrid helps utilities monitor and manage EV charging, transforming EVs into flexible assets that support grid resilience and renewable energy growth.

WeaveGrid knows that mass electrification is critical to the energy transition, but that the grid is not exactly ready to handle the increased demand that comes with increased electrification. In trying to tackle this systems-level problem, they realized that any solution would have to work for the whole system as well.

Designing For Efficiency And Equity

WeaveGrid works with a number of different stakeholders from energy utilities to EV producers, EV owners, and local communities. Keeping this dynamic set of stakeholders happy requires designing a solution with equity and efficiency in mind to:

Avoid passing costs of excess energy demand onto low income communities who are often underrepresented among EV owners.

Provide vehicle charging insights to utilities to help provide predictive diagnostics on power transformer health to proactively avoid power outages

Maintaining Cultural Integrity During Rapid Growth

Achieving the systems-level change WeaveGrid envisions requires a level of commitment and determination that can only be maintained at scale through strong company culture driven by shared values. WeaveGrid leadership has been intensely focused on company culture from the start, taking steps such as reviewing their stated company values annually and thoroughly screening potential employees for mission-alignment.

As WeaveGrid’s team doubled in size over 2021, company leadership took additional steps to codify their company culture, from building training programs for onboarding to scheduling informal social time and creating opportunities for mentor/mentee relationships to form. For WeaveGrid leadership, being proactive around culture, values, and mission is worthwhile because it helps to ensure that they stay on track towards every aspect of their vision.