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RapidSOS Improves Care through Life-Saving Emergency Response Technology

RapidSOS is an intelligent safety platform that securely links life-saving data from 500+ million connected devices, apps and sensors and 90+ technology partners directly to RapidSOS Safety Agents, 911, and first responders globally. Data shared through the platform is accessible to 15,000+ first responder agencies and supports over half a million first responders each year.

During emergencies, first responders need to have access to the best possible data to guide their response and get to the scene as quickly as possible. Sadly, this has not always been the case. Every year, there are 1 million emergency-related fatalities. 320,000 people die before responders arrive because they cannot be located by emergency services in time after calling 911. RapidSOS is on a mission to transform this system and save lives in the process.

Whether there’s an unsafe moment or an emergency, RapidSOS delivers essential data from devices, homes, or buildings to the right place, when it matters most – providing a lifeline to safety and security. By providing 911 with life-saving data, from real-time location to emergency medical information, RapidSOS decreases response times and helps improve first responders’ situational awareness before they arrive on the scene.

Cultivating Shared Purpose and Values

Just as RapidSOS looks out for individuals in times of emergency, the team also embodies its core values including acting with urgency, and holding purpose over pride. United by the company’s lifesaving mission, the RapidSOS team acts with the same urgency as the first responders who rely on their solutions.

Powered by Partnerships

RapidSOS’s vision is to empower safer, stronger communities with intelligent, data-driven emergency response worldwide.To achieve this, RapidSOS partners with leading companies to collect a wide range of data points that help power their platform. Apple is one of RapidSOS’s foundational partners, using the platform to quickly and securely share location data with 911 centers. Honeywell is another, working with RapidSOS to carefully monitor environments and chieve greatly improved response times within buildings.

These partnerships have helped RapidSOS process a huge amount of data every day. On New Year’s Eve of 2022 (the busiest day of the year for 911 traffic), RapidSOS processed a high of 550 emergency calls per second, and supported 165 million emergencies in total throughout the year.