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Datarobot Puts Trust At The Core Of Its AI/ML Models

DataRobot is the leader in enterprise AI, delivering trusted AI technology to global enterprises. DataRobot’s enterprise AI platform democratizes data science with end-to-end automation for building, deploying, and managing machine learning models. The company’s combination of cutting-edge software and world-class AI implementation, training, and support services, empowers any organization to drive better business outcomes with AI. 

Intentional & Trusted InnovationIdentifying And Mitigating Harm

DataRobot leadership recognizes that AI can create hidden errors, institutionalize bias, and open new hazards which can all have unintended harmful impacts. As a way to combat this risk, they built the Ethical and Trusted AI team, which champions a “People First” approach to their work, built on basic principles drawn from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, like human dignity. This fundamental focus on ensuring people’s basic rights aren’t harmed by its technology led DataRobot to build guardrails into its models that test their outputs before and during deployment, ensuring that they are not creating or perpetuating bias.

For the most sensitive use cases, DataRobot uses its core values as a compass and deploys a 10-point impact assessment during development, which involves exploring how all relevant stakeholders might be affected by a given model. Combined with the guardrails to ensure successful implementation, DataRobot’s People First system defines best-in-class ethical AI.

Intentional & Trusted Innovation

The Ethical and Trusted AI team does not live in sales, but in engineering. The team’s name emphasizes that the AI should be trusted, rather than trustworthy – a semantic distinction giving the humans behind the code responsibility for what that code produces. Trust is the connective tissue through each of DataRobot’s core values, and it starts with the individuals that make up the company’s many teams.

DataRobot as an organization is diverse by design, as leadership strongly believes that teammates with different backgrounds think about problems differently. Combined with a company culture that celebrates diversity of opinion and respectful debate, DataRobot leverages diverse teams to create added value for customers. As the company grows rapidly, leadership is actively working on institutionalizing their values and culture to ensure they protect their most valuable asset, the mission-aligned teams that make their work possible.

Looking to the future as they seek to expand their customer base and global network of suppliers, Circulor is laser-focused on setting the highest standards for ESG supply chain data.

Educating Policy Makers And Supporting Transparency

DataRobot also recognizes their role in helping educate policy makers and support legislation that brings transparency and oversight to software, algorithms, and other automated systems that make critical decisions that impact human lives. They help lead workshops for technical writers, provide perspective on algorithmic impact assessments and raise awareness about the need for responsible AI in the broader community.