Westly Group

Bob Rowe

Venture Partner

Prior to joining the Westly Group as a Venture Partner, Bob served as CEO of NorthWestern Energy (NWE) from August 2008 until retiring in January 2023 and was the only non-independent director on NorthWestern’s board. While at NWE, Bob helped triple the company’s market capitalization, earnings per share, and rate base. Under Bob’s leadership, NWE earned a national reputation for excellent corporate governance and adopted a comprehensive and evolving ESG program.

Bob also served on the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Board of Directors and Executive Committee, and co-chaired EEI’s Institue for Electric Innovation, its CEO Committee on State Policy and Engagement, and its Customer-Centricity Task Force. In addition, Bob served as a member of the American Gas Association (AGA) Board of Directors and Executive Committee, where he helped develop AGA’s plans concerning the natural gas industry’s long-term future, including its pathways to decarbonization. Bob’s areas of focus include long-term infrastructure planning, building a diversified electric supply portfolio, employee safety and culture, and community engagement.